UK, Rgulated by FCA

FCA UK is one of the most reputed regulatory body in the FX industry. All the major brokers in the world hold an FCA license as it gains easy access to global market. The reputation coupled with cunsumer protection makes the FCA FX license stand out from other regulatory licenses. The FCA UK license holder enjoys a global reputation and benifit from global business. The strict regulatory requirement and constant monitoring of brokers operations, gives the clients the much needed peace of mind to trust the broker.

FCA UK license can be mainly categorized in ‘retail’ and ‘profesisonal’license holders. Retail license holders are allowed to accept funding from retail clients whereas the professional license holder can accept funds from high networth individuals only. The requirement for ‘retail FX’ license carries much higher regulatory requirement and carry a higher running cost as compared to professional license. The usual timeframe to process FCA UK license in around 6 months time.

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