Compared to other countries where procedures may sluggish, protocols take comparatively less time to be followed in setting up a company in Mauritius. Mauritius is known as a Tax Haven for investors. Low tax rates makes it a formidable place to start a venture. Mauritius is one of the very rare countries were inhabitants are well-versed with 3-4 languages. The average Mauritian thus carries good skills and knowledge to serve well in an MNC/BPO company or under a white-collar job.

Ups and Down occur in every administration, but Mauritius has had the fortune of having a fairly stable government since its independence.

Contrary to many countries, Mauritius is very flexible for cross-water transactions. Foreigners can incorporate companies fairly easily. Offshore-banking facilties are quite robust and easy. Mauritius is isolated from countries and continent and is fortunately immune to region-specific politics Mauritius boasts of one of the best economies in Africa. Agriculture, Tourism, Fisherie, IT, BPO, Textiles contribute to a well-diversified economy.Mauritius is remarkably immune to racial conflict or civil unrest.

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