United States blue passport on leather backdrop.


The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa offers entrepreneurs and their families Permanent Residency in the UK when making a financial investment into existing business in the UK or they set up a new business in the UK.

The minimum requirement is that the entrepreneur needs to have a minimum of £200,000 available to invest in the UK, but having this fund alone will not be sufficient enough to get the visa approved.
The initial UK Resident Permit is for 3 years and 4 months. The entrepreneur can then apply for a 2-year extension, after this period the entrepreneur can get an indefinite leave to remain in the UK and after one more year the entrepreneur can get UK Citizenship and a British Passport.

My-offshore.com is specialized in UK Tier-1 entrepreneur visa. We structure the application to ensure the grant of Tier-1 visa in the shortest span of time. We structure and advice the type of business the entrepreneur wants to establish in UK.

Malaysia Residence permit
We provide a unique and cost effect solution to obtain a residence visa for Malaysia, which will lead to applying for Permanent Residence (PR) for entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Holders of PR are able to stay and remain in Malaysia indefinitely, seek employment freely, own a business, acquire properties, and enter and exit the country in a way that is similar to Malaysian citizens.

Permanent Residency status in Malaysia is granted to any Foreign Citizen under the Immigration Act and Regulations 1959/63. Any foreign Citizen which had been granted with Permanent Resident status will be issued an Entry Permit and Identification Card (MyPR).

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

The Malaysia My Second Home program (commonly know as “MM2H”) is an residency scheme enacted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners to live in the country on a long-stay Visa of up to 10 years. To qualify for the program, applicants must meet certain financial and medical criteria. Successful applicants are then entitled to enter and leave the country on a largely unrestricted basis, and also benefit from other incentives aimed at making their stay in Malaysia more convenient. Certain restrictions may apply. (a separate write up will be provided for those who interested to know more about MM2H).

United States blue passport on leather backdrop.
United States blue passport on leather backdrop.

Singapore Immigration
Singapore is among the world’s most popular immigration and work destinations.Singapore scores among the best city for Asian expatriates. Singapore is a thriving global financial hub, providing ample opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals. Singapore’s economy is is on among the best in Asian region. The country offers excellent infrastructure and living conditions. One of the most advanced, modern and hi-tech city-states in the world, the Singapore Government welcomes talent from across the world.

Singapore offers a very attractive tax regime. Personal and corporate taxation rates in the country are among the lowest in the world, thus leaving money for you to spend on self, family and lifestyle.For companies, less tax means more disposable funds for growth. The government is pro-active in attracting investment and offers excellent incentives for businessmen and companies that establish their regional base there. Having a resident visa, and in due course, a citizenship entitles the holder to take advantage of various government schemes and incentives.

The citizens and passport holders are exempted from visa requirements for some of the major countries in the world, including the US. Passport holders of the country enjoy visa free travels to 155 countries across the world.

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