BVI, Regulated FSC

BVI, traditionally, has been a centre point for setting up offshore financial services businesses. Today there is a great deal of interest from forex brokers looking for a BVI forex license. In 2010 the BVI Financial Services Commission drafted and put into law the Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010, which provided a newly assessed set of rules and regulations for forex brokers and other investment business firms to abide by, that are independent of previous acts.

Today, all BVI forex broker licenses are regulated by the BVI FSC. BVI FSC has a great deal of expereince in regulating financial services firm and hence applying to BVI FSC can be quite challenging. The application should carry good strength and reasoning in order to get approval from BVI FSC. The application process can be quite tediuos and lengthy if not processed through an experience consultant. provides a well-knit out solution for BVI license applicant. Our documentation process takes away a great deal of difficulty in the application process.

BVI FSC does not stipulate a common specific capital requirement for forex license applicants, but does so on a case to case basis. Hence the capital requirement could vary from $25000 to $100000 based on the nature of activity.

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