Benefits of offshore Malaysian company

Taxation codes of each country differs. Some have a friendlier regime; some are extremely strict. Over a period of time, companies and business consultancies have come up with solutions to gain from the differing tax regimes existing across continents. Your home country may not possess a conducive environment for expansion of business, you may have to look further – beyond the shackles of your country and continent for better prospects.

Forex brokerage start-up tips!!

The foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex market is a global, decentralized market for trading of currencies. This includes buying and selling of currencies at market determined prices.

In terms of trade, Forex is the largest market followed by the credit market. There is nearly 3 trillion dollars of trading done annually in the Forex market.

Requisites For Obtaining The Offshore Forex License

A Forex broking license is issued after complying with stringent regulations and controls exercised by the countries across the world. These regulations are getting complex and this has made the process of getting this license more complicated for the Forex brokers. It begins with choosing the right jurisdiction. This license is issued for the activities including execution of orders, dealing with the own account, reception and transmission of orders, and offering investment advice. Here are the requisites for obtaining Forex license:

What Do You Need To Enter The Forex Market?

Undoubtedly, Forex is the most lucrative business proposition in the world. The volumes are growing exponentially in this domain reaching up to $5 trillion. This massive growth has led to the increase in Forex brokerages as well. There are opportunities for lead acquisition, brokerage business, and lead generation to leverage the high-growth potential of this industry. However, before you step into the shoes of an Introducing Broker or Brokerage expert, you must be geared with some skills and technical aspects, viz.

Malaysia – Asia’s Undiscovered Gem for an Offshore Company

In order to compete with Hong Kong, which was the leading offshore destination in Asia back in the 1980s, Labuan was declared as an offshore jurisdiction to attract maximum business in the country. Since 23 years, Malaysia’s Labuan region has been attracting businesses quietly to set-up in this lucrative country. Today, Malaysia is a leading offshore centre for many big international corporations. One of the key reasons why setting up an offshore company in Malaysia can be beneficial is the strategic placement of Labuan. While it is an autonomous region that governs its own affairs, it also includes the tax benefits of Malaysian sovereignty.

Legal Requirement for Trading Internationally

Financial trading is a strictly monitored industry that requires individuals and businesses to adhere to laid down regulations and policies no matter where the company is located in the world. The ability to conduct business online has made it more important than ever that all countries have a set standard that signifies the company has been approved to operate for the protection of all parties involved.